Some Belly Exercises For Post Pregnancy

Exercise is quite helpful when you are recovering from pregnancy. Both aerobic exercise and weight training are necessary for weight reduction, cardiovascular fitness, and post pregnancy body-shaping. So to get the most gains, you will want to incorporate both aerobic exercises, to help you burn fat, together with resistance exercises so that you may build muscle. This will maximize your gains and help you return your body to it’s pre-pregnant state.

One thing to keep in mind is that your entire body requires water to be able to function in its optimum best, especially if you are starting to exercise more. Consider the procedure for losing weight after pregnancy for a gift you’re giving yourself and your body for all of the difficult work it has done growing that little baby in your belly. Speaking of that, there are many resource to help you reduce the size of your belly. One of them is this post pregnancy belly exercises that I found online.

You can also watch this video:

Some Tips For Women Looking To Get Fit (And Fabulous)

fitandfabulousThere are a lot of people trying to share how to get back in shape, especially for women who are recovering from their baby weight. Many times the biggest pain point when trying to work on their fitness is stubborn belly fat. Well there is a product out there with pretty good reviews called lean belly breakthrough. It is a combination of light exercise, and a change in diet that results in up to 1 pound of loss per day. While there are a lot of people talking about, who do you know who to trust?

I do know that with moderate exercise, and a strict diet, weight loss is possible for anyone. And obviously being in better shape is going help a lot of things in your life. From reducing the risk of heart disease, to reducing the chances of developing diabetes, getting more healthy has nothing but positive benefits.

If you are interested in getting started, watch this video from Elena on youtube about Lean Belly Breakthrough:

As with any new diet or exercise program, it’s important to think about your goals and also speak to your primary care physician to ensure you are healthy enough to start a new exercise program.

What Is In Spartagen XT?

Being a female, I feel strange posting this, but my husband recently started taking a testosterone boosting supplement and I have to say, I really have noticed a huge difference. But first, what is it? Well, it’s called Spartagen XT and will share what I know about it below:

Spartagen XT is a supplement with natural herbs that work together to assist in boosting testosterone levels. It also increases stamina, promotes lean muscle mass, and also increases libido.

To fully understand how it works, you need to understand the ingredients inside Spartagen XT:

• Asian Red Ginseng
The plant resembles the human body. It is known to promote mental health, physical performance, and improves sexual function. It also achieves higher testosterone levels.

• Chrysin
This substance occurs naturally in plants such as passion flower, geranium species, and silver linden. It is a part of the flavonoid class. You can also find it in honey and bee pollen. It enhances muscle growth, and it also gets used to treat erectile dysfunction.

• Maca Root
It is an herb that gets used to treat low libido and aids in relieving andropause (male menopause) symptoms. The herb also enhances sexual desire. Additionally, it increases sperm count.

• Tongkat Ali
This herb has several names. Among them is Eurycoma Longifolia. It is a tall evergreen shrub-tree found in Southeast Asia. The root and bark of the tree get used in treating erectile dysfunction. It promotes interest in sex; treats male infertility and improves athletic performance. It also gets used for body building, and it reduces body fat.

• Tribulus Extract
This herb is a Mediterranean plant that produces fruits. The herb gets used to improve sexual performance, libido and it also increases muscle mass. It also gets used to treat infertility.

As you can see, the combination of the above ingredients make Spartagen XT what it is.. and I have to say it certainly has made a huge difference with my husband, so thank you EdgeBioactives!


What Middle Aged Guys Can Do To Improve Their Health

So there are many things guys can do to improve their overall health. But where should they start?

Watch this video from Dr. Michael Lee for his thoughts:

So use that as a starting point and get out there and get healthy guys. You are going to want to be in shape with me at the pool this Summer, right? So let’s do it.

How To Get In Shape For Women

This video shows a new way for women who may not be in the best shape, turn that around and finally start to get in shape:

It covers the four main pillars needed to get in the shape you want.

1. Weight Training
2. Cardio
3. Nutrition
4. Accountability